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My Software Engineering Bootcamp Journey (Series One)

My Software Engineering Bootcamp Journey (Series One)

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·Apr 11, 2022·

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Hey guys, I have always wanted to do this for about 3 years now, but been busy with work, and I think now is the time to write about it as this might serve as an inspiration for someone starting up in tech.

A brief history about me, although I have a background in agriculture, I have always wanted to get into the tech space for as long as I can remember, due to my tenacity for building stuff that helps solve people's problems and I have been looking for ways to do it on a larger scale and that was how I consciously became a software engineer.

Ahhh, why did I decide to join a Bootcamp to solidify my learning process? well I needed an environment that provides structured learning with world-class learning materials, so I decided to research which of the Bootcamps met my craving, and after vigorous searching and I was able to streamline my choice into one. The Decagon training institute Decagon is an elite software engineering training institute that only admits the top 1% of applicants who scales its assessment, and from my research, they get over 2,000 applications on a quarterly basis of which 1% of the applicants are admitted into the six-months vigorous training, where they are trained to become world-class product engineers and I needed to become a world-class software engineer.

My first step was to keep my eyes open for when the application of the next squad would commence and start preparing for their assessment which was to cover solving algorithms questions, logic reasoning, group tasks, and an interview, by so doing I started practicing algorithms on Codewars by doing kata 8 and that was after solving all the algorithms on Edabits which is more beginner-friendly.

After studying for about two months, the assessment finally came and I did take it and that was like an eye-opener for me on what to expect in my journey to becoming a software engineer, I did all I could in all areas of the assessment to make sure I stand a chance to be amongst the top 1% who scale through and get admitted into the program.

D-Day came and I got the congratulation mail

**Dear Segun,

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the prestigious Decagon Software Engineering Training Program. You have truly achieved a great feat.

Now that you have successfully made it through the hardest part of the process, there are a few things you have to do before resuming for the new squad in March. See below for details of the next steps.**

That is it guys for this series expect more interesting updates in the coming days. Till then keep grinding.

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