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Want To Become A Software Engineer? Here Are Beginner Resources To Start With.

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·Mar 9, 2022·

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1. The MDN: The MDN is owned by Mozilla and was launched in 2005, which was formally known as Mozilla Developer Network. It is basically a documentation repository with up-to-date resources for web developers.

You can learn topics such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, web APIS, Django, Node.js, etc.

Here is a link mozilla.jpeg

  1. W3SCHOOL: The W3School was launched in 1998 by Refsnes Data, it derived its name from the World Wide Web but it's not affiliated with the W3C. it's basically an educational website for learning how to code online with its own internal editor which allows you to practice online as you study. The W3School has tutorials ranging from HTML, CSS, and Javascript, to server sides language and data analytics. Here is a quick link w3.png

  2. FREECODECAMP: FCC was founded by Quincy Larson in 2014, as a for nonprofit to help teach beginners the fundamentals of web development. FCC is a practice-driven platform where you are required to pass the study test before moving on to the next topic, this is helpful as it forces you to practice what you are learning.

    Direct link to FCC. NOTE You will be required to create an account for easy access.


4. LEARNSHAYHOWE: Shayhowe is one of the best HTML/CSS resources out there for anyone looking to start from scratch, every topic is carefully broken down with follow-up codepen code you could use to practice. You definitely want to check it out

That is it, folks, there are so many free online resources out there if you are trying to learn how to code, just make sure to start with the basics and learn according to your pace.

Until my next post, keep your fingers on those keyboards.

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